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At Marlins we take pride in our Water Babies and their parents. We respect each baby and their individual needs.


Transition Class

This class is exactly that: TRANSITION – the transition from Starfish (with mum/dad) to toddler classes with a teacher and rules



This class is designed for children who are nervous, fearful, have had a bad experience or just don’t like putting their head under the water.

About us

Thank you for choosing Marlins. We trust that your time with us will be positive and rewarding. We strongly believe that all children will develop to their full potential through the positive guidance of our fully accredited, caring and professional swimming instructors. We cater for the individual development of each child and work with them through a sequence of skills tailored to their abilities and experience. It is important to us that all children in our program feel safe, secure, happy and are challenged to learn.

A child’s first experience with water should be an active and fun experience. We look forward to working with both you and your children to achieve the best aquatic experience possible. Swimming is not just a sport but a skill for life that can be enjoyed forever.



Learn to Swim

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Looking for a good training ground or assistance in your child’s swimming? Our experienced team will organize your training and offer a quality learn to swim program.

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