This class is exactly that: TRANSITION – the transition from Starfish (with mum/dad) to toddler classes with a teacher and rules and expectations. A child will progress to this class from starfish once, they are a minimum of 2.5yrs and teacher and parent have consulted and the individual needs of each child are taken into consideration.


The following factors may determine a child’s progression to this class:

  • The skill level of the child has exceeded the level for starfish
  • The child can take instruction & wait

Please remember the following when your child enters Toddlers Transition Level:

  • You start in the water with your child
  • The teacher will let you know when you are not needed in the water
  • Do not just decide to get out
  • Remain positive at all times
  • Discuss issues or concerns with the teacher
  • Encourage children to follow the rules such as sitting on the seat and waiting
  • Keep in mind that any structure at this age will be difficult. Each child will adjust differently.